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Which Martial Arts Is Most Useful?

For any real Martial Artist, the answer is all of them, every Martial Arts is useful, some are useful in one area, such as BJJ which is all about the ground fight, Olympic Taekwondo is all about the Kicking, Boxing is all about the punching.

Now obviously there are some styles just like our own which incorporates part of a few styles such as Karate, Kickboxing, BJJ, Krav Maga and Aikido, however even our style is more dominant in one or two areas, our style is ultimately called Freestyle Kickboxing, some may try and call it sport Karate, and we sometimes get labelled as MMA.

Back to the main question of which is the most useful….well that really all depends on the individuals needs/wants, the best thing to do is try a few different styles and see which suits you best, some people try one, fall in love and stick with it forever, some fall in love with a style for a shorter period of time and move on to other styles. And there is nothing wrong with doing that.

Ultimately it does come down to what you want, some older people may take up Tai Chi because it isn’t as hard on the body and is very soft and flowing, however don’t ever underestimate the power of Tai Chi when performed at speed.

Some people want to compete in the ring, so choose K1 or a full contact kickboxing gym.

Some like the idea of sparring but don’t like the idea of full contact and only want to do it as a hobby so there are semi contact styles out there, but again just because they don’t compete at full contact doesn’t mean they cant do it, in fact a lot of semi contact (points sparring) schools do teach full contact but just don’t compete in it…you may ask, why?, well that’s because these people have normal jobs that they go to each day and cant be turning up with black eyes and broken noses.

Some people see a movie or a cartoon and think it would be cool to be able to do the awesome stuff they see on the big screen. Most people of a certain age will know who Bruce Lee is or Jackie Chan, the Ninja Turtles, and the Power Rangers but to be honest, virtually every action and cartoon now a days has some form of Martial Arts in it.

However, for the majority though it’s more about exercise, a pass time, something to achieve and a confidence builder, weather that be for self-protection reasons or just general confidence, like wise parents join their children to Martial Arts for either more confidence, Focus or discipline. All the above is taught in most Martial Arts schools, some more than others and what I mean by that is some schools are just about turning up and learning the punches, kicks, and blocks, where other schools do all of that but take time out to teach personal development too.

So, without explaining about all the 100s of different styles out there and trying to analyse them, im sure you can tell that they all have a benefit in one way or another.


Why not give us a try and see if you enjoy it.


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