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Established since 2004 we have helped 100's of children and adults to Be more and Live more. We incorporate a combination of Martial arts from Freestyle Kickboxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga to make a really good all-round self protection system. We recognise that Martial Arts is not just about Punching and Kicking though, it is about Self Development. Our systems, classes and activities will help you not just become fitter, stronger and more flexible, but will develop focus, self-control, discipline and respect to name just a few. We understand that if you can focus your mind you can focus your body.

"Thoughts become words, words become action, actions become habits, habits become character, character becomes your destiny." Amber Rae

Our Team is dedicated to serving you and getting the best out of everyone, getting everyone to the rank of Black Belt and beyond! We do this in a clean and professional environment, we like to think of our school as an extended family and that is why so many of our students and parents feel comfortable when attending. Parents get to stay and watch their children develop, or if they are busy, they're more than welcome to drop them off and pick them up. We just have one rule for this - 'Don't forget to pick them up!'

Within our lessons we love to help develop respect and discipline; however, we are not the military. We like to have fun just like you, and this reflects in our classes. Whether you are an adult wanting to join the adults class or a parent wanting to enrol your kids, we have a programme for you that you will love and enjoy.


Our team of professionally trained Martial Artists will help you through your journey to Black Belt
Craig- Owner and Master Instructor
Becky- Programme Director Instructor and Demo Team Instructor

- We also have our junior assistant instructors who help out in the classes.

martial arts teacher

Master Nixon

martial arts girl

Miss Becky


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