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The mental and physical health benefits from doing martial arts  

We are all well aware that physical exercise can help in many ways, but how exactly does martial arts benefit our physical and mental health? Whether you’re an adult or a child, here are a few reasons you should get involved to give your brain and body that much-needed boost.


New friends and connections


Committing to a regular social pattern gives us the sense of community and support we all need. With a sport like martial arts, you can share a common interest, helping you to overcome challenges together. You can also organise your own social events with your new squad, strengthening your emotional support for one another.


Learning together


Here at PMA Rotherham, you can choose the best class for you or your child. We offer our ‘Little Champs’ sessions for pre-schoolers and primary school children, a ‘Basic Teens and Adults’ class, or a ‘Mixed Adults’ class. We have a range of sessions to suit everybody’s needs from beginner to advanced. This creates an environment where you can feel comfortable in learning at the same pace as your peers to grow and achieve your goals together.


Check out our timetable here to book in for a class tailored to your abilities.


Strength, control and power


With martial arts comes a range of life skills that can be used in and outside the studio. These are particularly useful for children, who learn what it is to have control, discipline and self-defence. They also gain physical fitness and an increased sense of self-esteem, which can stay with them forever. Many studies have been conducted to show how martial arts can improve alertness and concentration in school, boosting grades and helping children foster long-lasting friendships. Get your child involved in something that will benefit them in all aspects of life, and watch them flourish!


Mental health


Martial arts helps children and adults develop a sense of assertiveness. This has been proven to both ease the symptoms and lessen the chances of developing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Studies conducted in 2016 have also shown how exercise can improve symptoms of ADHD in both children and adults, as their hyperactivity is better managed and released in a more controlled way.


Real chemical evidence (endorphins)


If you haven’t already come across the1 chemical endorphin, then read on. Endorphins are released when a person takes part in exercise. These react with your brain to produce positive effects such as inhibiting pain receptors, improving mood and reducing stress. They can also improve a person’s sleeping pattern, thereby reducing anxiety and depression. They basically act as a reset function, balancing your body out! Regular physical activity will make sure you get all the endorphins you need. We guarantee you’ll feel great after a PMA session.


Take a look at some of our classes on our YouTube channel and see how empowered our students feel in their session!


Motivation and commitment


Not only does working with a group improve your social life; it also brings a motivation like no other. Once you have your regular team of martial arts goers, they will encourage you to attend each session and keep you motivated throughout. You can apply this motivation to your other day-to-day responsibilities with the spur of energy and inspiration that it brings.


Physical strength


Last but by no means least, martial arts vastly improves physical strength. It can improve energy and stamina, strengthen muscles including the heart, and lower blood pressure. It tones the muscles and strengthens bones. There is no reason why you shouldn’t bring yourself and your child down to PMA Rotherham or get in touch today!