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How Martial Arts helps with Focus

Focus the BODY

Focus the EYES

Focus the MIND

Focus is one of the main benefits of Martial Arts, one of the first lessons a student learns at our school is self-control, being able for a child student to sit or stand still for more than a few seconds is usually pretty hard, but with our self-control drill we are able to get students to be still and be present.

Parents are always wanting to get their kids to have more focus especially at home…many parents are concerned that their child just ignore them, and it certainly would be stressful to have that happen, so that’s where our personal development comes in to play. By giving student self-control drills to do, over time parents enjoy the change they see in their kids, and if they have a child that has too much energy and usually can’t be still for more than 10 seconds, they are amazed at how we can do it in a short space of time. In fact, on their first lesson, we get them to sit still in our lock it up position (sat on the floor legs crossed back straight with hands on knees) for 30 seconds with out moving.

Other points that having solid focus can do for us:

  • It helps you change your life. Focus can change your life dramatically. ...
  • It gives you more opportunities. ...
  • Focus expands your knowledge. ...
  • It helps you become more productive at work. ...
  • It helps you achieve your goals. ...
  • Focus helps you become successful faster.


Benefits of staying focused

  • Builds momentum. When you stay focused on one assignment, you're more apt to complete it more efficiently. ...
  • Increases productivity. The more you can stay on task, the more tasks you'll be able to complete overall. ...
  • Reduces stress. ...
  • Produces better quality of work.


Our aim is to get our students to focus their body (to have the ability to stay still usually in one of our anchor position whether that’s standing or sitting), then we get them to focus their eyes, we give the command "Eyes on who", the students then shout "Eyes on you sir" or "miss" at the same time as pointing both index fingers at the instructor, which means we now have their body focused their eyes focused which then allows the mind to be focused on the instructions given.

This then over time allows our students to subconsciously become more focused at home at school and even when out at social events.

So just through those simple focus drills the future is much brighter for our students, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our personal development drills and skills.


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